Why do girls always go for the worst type of dude?

Every time I try to make a move on a girl, they seem to randomly be dating some abusive, alcoholic, or drug addicted dude.


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  • I dont know; honestly I've dated the worst guys too. the ones who used me for sexual fantasies, the ones who verbally were abusive, the ones who cheated and manipulated and controlled me. It's the words girls fall for so easily.

    • It just makes no sense. It's ludicrous to me. (Not trying to be a dick)

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    • That sucks, I know how that shit is though. Life is strange.

    • yah life is really strange

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  • Most people are dominated by the false self / ego. When this occurs with women, they lose their multi-sensory capabilities (intuition, discernment, common sense etc) and are limited to seeing through limited senses, and are mostly influenced by the physical plane (raw desire).

    With a dominant false self, the truth becomes clouded, arrogance is seen as confidence, brutish violence is seen as strength and showing feelings of any sort is seen as weakness. Extremes are seen as normal, and compassion is seen as docile.

    Most women also desire how they feel inside, the man they crave, becomes the mirror their inner self... This is unlikely to ever change.

    Your options are as follows:

    A) Become an asshole and be with the misguided, and low vibrational beings that crave them.
    B) Continue being nice and hope for the best.
    C) Opt out, live your life and just forget about all of it.

    • Thanks for taking all that time to type, that all actually makes sense.

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  • What I've observed is this; women are dreaming about nice and good guys, they also post nice pics about this, but when the nice and good guy is around, they ignores him. They get together with a bad guy instead, then they break up, and the circle starts again with the "Why can't I find a good, nice guy." posts and whining. Reason: girls always go for the worst type of guy because girls don't want a nice guy in the reality. They love to suffer and love to whine. That's the fact.

  • Girls are attracted to the bad boy type?🤷🏼‍♂️ But dont get discouraged..


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