Online dating; What should I do?

I might a guy online a couple of weeks ago. We hit it off great at first, we exchanged numbers, MSN and whatever and now some way or another we talk to each other everyday. He already calls me hun and gives me online kisses and things. The only problem is I'm not sure where we stand or how to approach the situation. I really like him, we have a lot in common and we get along almost way too easily. We live just a bit too far away to meet and greet up without having to set something up and driving a couple of hours. Any suggestions on how to bring up or hint the "what are we anyways?" question without putting strain on a still growing "relationship/friendship"? Or should I just wait for him to mention something?

i meant met* =/ lmao sorry!


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  • Guys hate the relationship status dicussion... don't really want to do it, makes you look clingy and controlling, just enjoy what you have whatever it happens to be...


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  • Guys hate the "what are we" questions. the best way is to let it happen on the guys terms. he'll let you know.


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  • Alright babe, I have to tell you that what's considered romantic by you might actually be an everyday gesture for this guy. He might think nothing of calling you "hun" or giving your virtual kisses - to some guys, it's just harmless flirting or just part of the way they behave. You'll need a lot more than that to tell whether this guy likes you or not. Don't be too direct! Just mention aspects of his real life (like his girlfriend etc) and he'll confirm with you whether or not he's single or attached or dating or whatever. Then from that point, be yourself =) if the guy is attracted to real you, it makes for a longer-lasting relationship :D

    As a note of caution - if he gets too sexually overt with his comments despite you asking him to stop, he's just looking for an avenue to get his rocks off. That'd be your cue to block him.

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