How fast will a girl forget about you?

Let's say the most you've done is kissed. You dont text/call. You've just been out a couple times. The girl broke plans to meet with you, but seemed to regret not keeping the plans. Now there is a four week time span that you won't see each other.

Will the girl move on in the time span, especially if the guy doesn't contact her at all? Assuming she's attractive and has options.
Assume she still has some interest, despite keeping plans. Just not super high interest. Anywhere from low to medium.

She has enough interest to try an make me jealous


Most Helpful Guy

  • f the encounter is short and forgettable its likely she'll forget but if it was longer and more memorable she might never forget

    is girls I'd meet one summer and not see till the next and they definitely remembered me from before , clearly our original encounter was memorable

    • I know she'll remember me, but i meant if she'll lose feelings for me.

    • things always change with girls so that ones harder to determine

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  • Wenn sie gemeinsame Pläne grundlos nicht eingehalten hat, hat sie wohl kein großes Interesse. Dann wird sie sich auch schnell einen neuen suchen.


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  • Also want to know I've had a long distance relationship ended it today


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