Am I abnormal? How much?

I am a 29 year old male. Never dated someone. Never been in a relationship. Extremely shy of girls. Too much introvert. What girls think about someone like me?


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  • The time will come for you and you'll break out of that shell for the right lady. I like what ya did with ya name by the way loved that movie HalfGirlfriend really great movie. Anyhow hopefully soon the right lady will come up to u since ur too shy. Best to save it for marriage I guess since ya waited this long. Good luck with it all

    • Thanks! And nice observation about my username. :) Actually I was listening the song of that movie while registering myself on this app. :D

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    • Which kind of sucks in my opinion due to the fact that you may not find a love match. I'm in the USA and I have so much respect for the way you treat your family and specially your parents. But don't like how women are treated or the way it's showing they're treated. But I love those types of movies I no longer call em Bollywood because they're made from all types and I don't know if that's the respectable term

    • That's true.

  • Well, i think an extrovert would love to adopt you. Since you're cute, all shy boy is cute imho.


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