Questions to ask when seeing a girl on the street/shopping mall and talking to her?

Hey I've never done this just ended my first Relationship with a girl a long distance relationship i was not very happy with it but thats another story

So my plan is (im a lill bit shy i guess cuz that is gonna be my first time asking to date only in theory now i think im not gonna be nervous)
I will say to her if i like her, hey I've seen u u look very cute i like u very much (in german sth like this)

(Is it bad if im a bit nervous?)

Then im gonna ask do u have a boyfriend?

(Is this a good question at that point or not?)

Then ill ask so what do u do around here sth like this
If she says sth i m gonna get in smalltalk 1
If not if she says she is busy needing to walk to... 2

After "ending" 1 or 2 i will ask so can i get ur number so we can go out , go to cinema or sth
We will write u (...)

(Should i also ask her when to meet and where exatly or clear details on phone via whatsapp?)
(Before ending 1 or 2 dhould i ask about hobbies too or talk about that on phone?)

(After how many hours or days should i phone her after getting her number?)


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What Girls Said 1

  • give urself time dont just jump in another relationship just like that. dont ask about boyfriend the first time u meet her.


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't think its really that easy to meet a girl on the street or randomly in a mall

    it might work better if you meet some girls through friends , work or school , the odds are higher that they'd actually talk to you

    • All 3 what u listed are too difficult almost Impossible

    • are there girls at your school? do you have a job?

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