Height is preference but weight is not?

I'm 170 cm tall. Most girls don't like to date guys who are short guys or shorter than them which is normal and I agree that it is a preference but when a guy don't want to date a heavy girls or heavier than them but then people don't see it as a preference but a discrimination which I don't get cuz weight and height is a appearance so both should be a preference and another thing is that MOST people can control their weight but their height so there is no good reason to not count weight as a preference cuz then it doesn'tmake sense.


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  • Uh I've never heard anyone say that...

    • Trust me it happens a lot check the video in yoUribe.

    • YouTube

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  • I’m as tall as you and have the same opinion


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  • Yeah you can’t do anything about height but since you can about weight it can’t just be a preference but the thing is that’s how you see them at the time and not know they will lose it so it’s still a preference at that moment


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