Am I being ignored?

I was talking to this girl over the semester, got her digits and everything was cool. We texted like every 2-4 days and she seemed interested, and in-person she was super-comfortable with me hanging one-on-one and being playful and touchy-feely. I haven't talked to her since last week, and now she isn't responding to my texts. I texted her yesterday, no response. She responded to one today and I texted back with no response. That was 2 hours ago. Should I give up on her? Or should I be patient?


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  • Be patient, if it persist you should not 'give up on her', but not engage yourself for her as much!


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  • She's got another guy in the wings. My best guess.
    The whole texting thing is a fail - you get no emotion and zero body language so at least half of what is being communicated is lost. Which leads to misunderstanding and confusion, and then silly questions like this. You simply cannot forge a relationship by texting.
    So use it solely to arrange for your next meet up IRL. That way you'll have a LOT better read of where she's really at with you.
    Once you've established some kind of relationship then there is a benefit of the quick communication that texting provides. But to try to start a thing up with a girl by texting is a joke.

    • I'm not trying to start anything over text. I just wanna talk to her but she works 6 days a week so I don't know when she'd even be free. You're right though, there's another guy (which I found out on my own, she didn't even tell me). I straight up asked if she was avoiding me and she didn't respond lol. Just be honest, why girls gotta play games and shit?

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    • I've been talking to this older chick who is much more responsive and has offered to take me out or go over to her house on multiple occasions (I had to decline because of family issues). But now everything makes more sense and I got a good laugh out of it. Thanks for the educational experience.

    • An 'older chick' means she sees you as a 'boy toy'. She would likely fuck your brains out. But don't expect you're gonna nail her down, just ain't gonna happen. Play along, see where it goes. maybe you'll get lucky. :)

  • patience is a virtue

    • Nah fuck that, I have a life to live. You don't wanna be honest and you wanna play games? Bye, Felicia

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