What type of guy do Tomboys like? Also have you noticed this about them?

Yes I understand everyone is different and blah blah blah but for the most part what do you think?

TL;DR at bottom

I’ve also noticed that’s there’s two types of Tomboys in my experience

1st type: Acts like one of the guys, dresses like a guy a bit more, but still has a girly side to her. More straightforward than typical girls and teases you a bit more. Has a lot of boy interests and doesn’t typically care about make-up jewelry etc. but might have some girly interests. I’ve actually met one who was vegetarian and hippie-like, one who was extremely nerdy, and one who was extremely goofy so they’re not all the same at all

(Most fall under type 1)

Type 2: Everything about Type 1 at first but is extremely rude. Will make fun of you but can’t take a joke herself. Grows up to be a feminazi. Likely has Narcissistic personality disorder.

Have you ever noticed this difference? Ever since I was a kid I always gravitated towards tomboys. I got along with them and they got along with me. I usually would meet them at a summer camp or something or school. But out of like 25 I’ve met in my life I noticed 5 of them were like the Type 2 and it was really offputting

But I’m wondering because now that I’m an adult I’ve always considered these girls just as friends even if I was attracted to them and they considered me the same to my knowledge. (We never talked about liking each other) but really I feel like I’m extremely compatible with them but I wouldn’t know if they liked me. I am a bit shy at first but I’m not really on the passive/feminine side and I am into guy stuff for the most part but I also wouldn’t say I’ve got a macho personality either. Scale 1-10 1 being feminine and 10 being masculine I’d say I fluctuate from 6-8

TL;DR What type of guy are tomboy girls typically into?
Have you ever met a tomboy who had a REALLY foul personality?
What type of guy do Tomboys like? Also have you noticed this about them?
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