I still haven't found the right woman yet, despite having positive aspects about myself. What more can be done?

Hello, everyone, my name is Josh. I'm currently 21 years old and have never experienced intimacy with a woman before, nor have I dated anyone (During my High school years, I was not interested, due to focusing on school and understanding that people are not fully developed at this point in time.) Just to mention some of my hobbies, I enjoy drawing and martial arts and sometimes go out with friends (Although, they don't have the same intentions as me when it comes to partners if you catch my drift...). I'm also in the process of volunteering at a children's hospital and take some college at a university outside of work. I'm quite happy with my life and like myself as a person, not to cause any confusion, but am still interested in finding someone one day to share my life with. It should also be noted that I have never been interested in any sort of casual hook-ups and only desired true love, despite not having any sort of experience. After all, I do not hold others to standards that I will not myself and focus to better myself in some aspect every day of my life. With that being said, I'm not sure what could be missing from the equation and seek some sort of advice if anyone can give some. For what it's worth, I'm quite confident in myself and am generally a calm and meek person, only standing ground when something has escalated to far. Could any of this be the result of something on my behalf? If anyone can relate and share experiences, that is also appreciated. I thank you for your time in advance.


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  • Finding the right person doesn’t require effort to meet them. You just randomly do. You don’t go out seeking for them. I’m glad you like yourself as a person though, that’s the first step! You don’t seem like a guy who’s desperate for a girlfriend. Stay that way. But also, try to be more social with girls/women. In a friendly way and a tinge of flirtyness :) And when someone seems to catch your attention over the others, go for her!

  • You sound exactly like the guy version of me! Every single thing you said about yourself is true about me (except maybe the drawing part lol).
    I’d say don’t go desperately looking for love because love will find you when you least expect it. Try befriending the people that you work with, do martial arts with, go to college with, etc. because that’s where you’ll have the most luck when it comes to meeting people you’re interested in. It’s so much easier to talk to people when you share a mutual interest, so take advantage of that opportunity.
    Happiness is such an important part of life, and if you’re anything like me (which I feel like you might be), then cherish the fact that you already are happy regardless of whether or not you have someone else to share your life with. That confidence and happiness radiates and can attract many people, but again, it’ll happen probably when you least expect it. Everything will fall into place in the end and I’m sure you’ll find the right person soon!


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