Advice on how to approach a high school girl?

This girl is in two of my classes so I do see her throughout the day.

Im a senior. Pretty good looking and pretty popular. I have a lot of friends in both classes.

she's a junior. she's really cute and she doesn't seem to be a part of the "slutty / popular" group of that grade. We both have a bunch of friends, but our social circles dont really overlap.

Weve talked literatlly once when put on a group project. However, I have seen her glancing or looking my way a couple times recently (shes caught me doing it too.)
I follow her Insta, and she doesn't appear to have a boyfriend, but i know thats not a definite

So here's a few questions about approaching her :

- What are the best ways to just approach her and start talking. Girls, what would a guy say initially that shows his interest and makes you like him?

- How do i show interest right off the bat (to avoid gettig friendzoned again), but not come on too strong

- Is it better to ask for a HS girl's number or her Snap?


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  • You could walk up to her and say hi. Just be normal and don't try too hard, smile at her.

    Depends on the girl really whether or not to ask for her number or snapchat. If she has a snap just probably ask for that.


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  • 23 years old... shouldn't you be in like University?


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  • Quit trying to fuck and ruin their lives


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