Am I too old for this girl?

Ok so here’s the situation I’m 32 currently, I’m not your typical 32 year old man. I recently just had my first girlfriend and turned out she cheated on me, together for 4 months or so felt like a year. Anyways I always thought I’d be the 40 year old virgin. Turned out I was wrong. Anyways I’ve had a fucked up life to say the least dropped out high school at 16 lived like a hermit and lost all social ability until I was about 25ish. Then learned myself again and gained to where I am now. I now know what I want and am willing to go after it.
Thats my background I have the experience of a tennager at this point or a young adult.
Now im in school and in my physics class there is girl I like. Only problem being she is 19 but we relate well and we flirt she laughs giggles etc it’s cute. Everyone I ask says she’s too young for me. I feel like she’s wanting me to ask her out, and I haven’t. Judging by my lack of experience do you think it still ok for me to ask her out? I’ve aleays been mature for age, but lacked real life experience. I knew before I had sex what it entailed and how do it right without even doing it. And I am, even my ex didn’t believe I was inexperienced but that another story. Thank you for any insight you can give


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  • Ya I think in this context it's ok... and if you guys connect it seems fine
    Besides 32 isn't that bad... I've seen 40 year old going for 20 year old girls.. that's a little much ya

    But 10 ish years.. meh that's ok considering your situation
    Ya go for it bud

  • Not overly but there will be issues.

  • It's OK- you're not too old. When I was 19 I had a brief fling with a 32 year old classmate before she had to go back to Colombia due to a death in the family.


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