Is this necessary?

I was at a party this weekend and some of the guys were talking about a time when one of them got into it with some guy at a club. Apparently, it was all over his girl being checked out by the guy. So, guys, do you feel it's necessary to confront guys checking out your girl? And, girls, do you want your guys to step in and say something if another guy is just looking?


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  • I wouldn't want him to get hurt just cause another guy was watching.
    If the other dude was glirting i could see my boyfriend coming over and introducing himself. The only time he should be physical is if i can't get the guy away myself.

    • As I was typing this, that was the scenario that came to mind. If he approached the girl, it's understandable to introduce himself. Or, if it just became too much for the girl. It just sounded like stupid machismo.

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  • I would just ignore them. Not necessary at all. If she wants me to she’s got some sort of problem


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  • i'm so sick of seeing guys like this. You look at a girl and they get all in your face. Fortunately they know who I am so they don't even try to throw punches, but before they recognize me, they've come close. For nothing more than me looking as they walk by.


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