Dating a Vietanemse Girl?

I am going out on my second date with a Vietnamese girl. She was born in Vietnam and came over here as a child (she is now American, graduated from American High school /college... Has a better job than me!!! lol... etc) . We hit it off pretty well and she was the one who initiated going out on a second date.

Is there any Vietnamese women that can give me some pointers or things to watch for?


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  • Family is no1
    She will be physco level jealous.
    Vietnamese food is her favorite. No matter what
    They're a lot more sensitive to teasing and want to be treated like its 1890 still.
    Don't give her too much alc. They can't handle it

    • Wow... You were spot on with all this even from the 1st date...

      She even asked if I was dating anyone else.

    • Experience mate haha. If you can tame the jealousy you have a diamond. 4 years with mine and it was her jealousy that killed the relationship in the end. I tried but the beast can't be contained. Lol. A shame really cause they have many great traits from the way they are raised.

      They are quiet serious too. I mean they would rather learn something than do something fun.

      Good luck with her. Hope it works out.

      by the way ask her to take you for/cook you "bun bo Hue". 😍😍😍 love in a bowl

    • Whoa... I am getting goosebumps for how spot on you are... Lol... Thanks for the info!

  • Just start with how Uncle Ho was right and that communism should be practiced in the USA

  • Talk to her about family if you really like her. Do you know how many siblings she has.
    What she likes to do?

    Be nice x

    • Ask her for a kiss in the end to see if you both feel a spark

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