How to initiate a coversation with a girl that you think is pretty in public to get a number?

Ok, my question is simple how to get a girls number that u think is attractive in public? Essentially your at the mall, movies or anywhere you see a girl that you find attractive how do you approach her in an attempt to go out with her. While alos not being creepy?


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  • You have to be a certain type of guy with a certain type of confidence to be able to do that. It doesn't work for every guy, that's reality. You are asking a girl to form an impression in an instant based on no knowledge of who you are. So if you aren't visually impressive or your confidence doesn't bowl her over then you have no chance.

    You have to bear in mind that girls don't necessarily expect or want to get hit on just because they've left the house. They may well not appreciate the approach.


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  • It basically depends on your level of self-confidence, but you can go with the simple "hey, excuse me just wanted to tell you something" *pause let her say something* "I think you're very attractive, what's your name?" and then you can pick it from there asking what is she up to, sharing something cool you're doing later maybe on weekend or even that day, but don't invite her yet just casually mention it and then 2-3 mins later you say the it was nice to meet you thing and before she goes you say "hey if you want to come along to *cool thing you'll be doing* give me you number and I'll send you the details later, that's if you don't have anything better to do" you can even tease her for being "boring" and nothing cool stuff going on

  • Girl play games. Try to talk about a range of topics.

  • its difficult to approach a true random girl , mean you have nothing to go on , know nothing about her and chance of success is rather slim

    there is some guys who are able to get numbers from true randoms but there usually pick up artists


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