Where to kiss a girl on a first date?

I remember my first date from a while back I kissed her on the forehead... and she expected the lips.

Then I remember the lips, but she felt it was too soon.

Then I didn't kiss the girl.

So basically none of those things have worked right for me. So what is the deal?
  • Forehead
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  • lips
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  • cheeks
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  • Hand
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  • Elsewhere (specify)
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  • You don't kiss on the first date
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  • It varys. If it is going super well and she seems open to it than go for the lips. If she is more reserved than wait. I mean I have gone out with girls to want to have sex on the first and and with girls who wait til the 2nd date to hold hands it all depends


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  • Depends on how well the dates going. If its shit and she's not interested then no kiss and part ways never to see her again. If its gone well then i usually give a goodbye kiss on the lips. Super well is back for sex.

    Juat gotta judge it as it comes

  • Most girls want you to wait longer than 1 date. Maybe 2nd or 3rd


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