Is She Interested Or Not?

Two weeks ago I net a girl online. We went out last weekend. The date was kinda' awkward. She was very shy, timid, and nervous. After 3 hours I had to leave and offered to walk her ba k to her car. She said no thanks and acted super awkward about it. I text her that night and said had fun. She said she did too with a smiley. 3 days later I reached out again to setup a date she accepted. I reached out to her again a couple days later just small talk. Nothing drawn out.

We went out Sunday night. Much smoother. Still had its awkward moments. She was looking at a menu after we ordered. She laughed at a text I sent her the night we went out prior. I meant to send it to my sister because she was ordering me dinner. I didn't get the right food because it nevee got my sister. She laughed hysterically at it and said "I really should've told you." We both laughed. We walked around for a few hours. We talked about our lofe stories and she even asked me what my plans were for New Year's Eve. Which was kinda' weird. I walked her back to the car and opened her door for her. She had her back to me for a while. Then turned quickly for a hug. Then I moved in for a kiss. We made out for a little bit and she had her arms around me. She told me to drive safetly and we both text that night. I hit her up last night. She askrd how my day was abd told her I was offered an interview for a huge promotion. She was excited for me wnd asked when it was. I told her Jan 2nd and jokingly said, "I guess I'll be drinking beer instead of whiskey on NYE lol." Different fun way of saying "I'm taking it easy on NYE because of my interview." She never responded today. I was going to easy in and ask her when she was going back home for the holidays so we could set something up. I hate it when women don't respond because it puts me in a weird situation. Is she toying with me, lack of interest, testing my interest, or afraid I'm going to ask her out for NYE this early? (Which I'm not)
Is She Interested Or Not?
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