Asking her why she didn't think it would work out?

So i confessed to my best friend recently and she rejected me. I've accepted it and we're still friends, though it gets awkward for me at times. I want to ask her why she thinks it wouldn't have worked out between us but I'm not sure if thats the right move? Also, do you think there's a chance if i waited and confessed again some other time in the future? Whats the chances of her accepting me the second time?
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So i'm defnitely not going to ask her about it. I'm not sure if i can be friends with her normally though. Just when I thought I was ok with her as a friend, she sends me a photo of her doing something funny and i'm in love with her again. I know i should move on. She told me she'd understand if i didn't want to text her anymore. But I feel guilty if I stopped. Its not like she asked me to confess and make things awkward. Though it would have been nice if she had realised I had a crush on her.
Asking her why she didn't think it would work out?
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