Girls: would you rather receive a call or text from a guy?

Are you weirded out when a guy gives you call instead of a text?


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  • Depends on a lot of things - how close you are, what it’s about, etc. ultimately I’d prefer a text

    • Alright thanks for your input. My situation is we used to be close but now we dont talk much but I want to get things going again.

    • Just start with friendly texts and use emojis, just not too overboard. A guy I used to go out with would text me saying “hey can I call you real quick?” And the first thing he’d say on the phone is that he just wanted to hear my voice. Push at their flattery and it’ll take you far!! Good luck!

    • I prefer conversation

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  • Seems like a lot of people are afraid of a phone call. So weird.


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