Situation gone wrong? please help? heartbreak?

My sister of 31 is depressed... she has been for over 10 years now... after 3 years of no contact because of a family feud where people (other family members) convinced me to stop talking to her and choose their side cause they felt like she was just being selfish and manipulative. foolish me... i believed them and i distanced myself from her... i felt guilty and i went to her door she is 31 now... i asked how i could help her... she dismissed me pretty harshly and when called my mom sayin that how dare she bring someone to her house again while she is feeling ill... she will spit on her when she sees her face again... i kinda backed off but i still feel guilty for pursuingmy life without her abd its hard without a sister... i wanted her to be happy... she could die from all the sadnes... but then again her depression already consumed most of ny childhood and early 20 s.. I've missed out on a lot just by being around her.. i have dreams too and i want to achieve.. im only 25... please help? why do i feel this guilt? i keep thinking have i done enough? i can't let it go


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  • So you post this again and again and again for at least one month already and take no real actions despite people being helpful and giving you advises. What's the point then? Why are you even asking the same question f you're not lifting a finger to change a situation?


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  • Well, what's done is done. She probably feels betrayed and hurt by the whole family. All you can do is be patient and keep trying to show her you want back in her life. It may take some time and eventually some assistance from a family therapist to help repair the damage.

    • what can i do now?

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    • yea i did... i went to her door and i told her if she needs help im there for her

    • That is probably too confrontational for her. Let her know in less intrusive ways like by phone.

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