How do I turn the attraction back on and get her to like me again?

she's a sophmore and im a senior. Were both in High School. She used to really like me, but i didn't realize it and i wasn't as interested. I think she moved on, but we still talked and everything.

Then i realized I had feelings for her, and i started to show them. She was interested in me too, but I made two big mistakes :

1 - I waited too long. I should have hinted at my interest from the start much stronger instead of playing the friend angle

2 - I texted her a big paragraph telling her how much I like her and I want to get to know her, and asking her out.

She said Im cute andnshe loves me, but now isn't a good time. Maybe in a few weeks or when the time is right.

Its been two months since then. She seems a little hot and cold towards me. She does things that show interest in me (gives me her mumber, stares at me, says hi alot) and then she will do the opposite days later (leave me on read sometimes, ignore me) We still talk, and the chemistry is still there, but the flirtacious spark isn't there as much as it used to be.

Now the way I see it, I have three options

1 - Have an in person conversation about how much i regret not getting to know her earlier and how much i want to be more than friends and take her out one night over break
(im leaning towards this option right now)

2 - Casually ask her if she wants to go see a new movie she likes over break (it could just be as friends)

3 - Keep playong the long game with her. Text as much as possible over break.

I really like this girl and i screwed things up bad in the past with her. I do have other options, and she knows it, but i want to make things work with her.

So, based off the above info, what are her feelings for me and what should i do in the last two days before break for her?
  • She is still interested. Tell her how I feel
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  • She isn't sure yet. Talk more, invite her out ask friends
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  • She has mixed feelings. Either confront her or play the long game
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  • I waited too long. She isn't interested anymore
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  • She is playing games. Move on or just get it over with and ask her
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  • She was never interested
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  • She likes me but something is turning her off (worried about college, doesn't want a boyfriend, etc.)
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What Girls Said 2

  • Not sure

  • Tell her how u feel


What Guys Said 1

  • Don't do anything, don't try to text her more, let her come to you. If you text her as much as possible you will be put in friendzone


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