Is he into me? or does he see me as a friend?

He and I are both in gr.12, this is his first year at this school so I went up to talk to him and we ended up spending the whole day together and have for the last week since then. we spend allot of our time together walking alone and just talking. I don't know if this means he likes me or not or if he's just spending time with me because he is new and dose not have many people to hang with.

So it would be allot of help if you guys could tell me if he's into me or not, and if he is in to me can you give me some advice on what to do from here?


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  • If you like him try flirting with him, if he likes you he will do the same etc, make it happen ask out etc...


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  • Questions like this make me want to beat my head against my desk.

    Why don't you just ASK HIM? *head tilt* If you are so concerned about it,... really, why don't you? Is he that scary? Are you that young you can't muster the words? If you can't ask, then you're not old enough to deserve to really know.

    It SOUNDS like he likes you, in one way or another. (Can never tell what a guys agenda is right off usually. Though I usually assume he just wants in your pants until he proves otherwise.)

    Whether you manage to be a big girl and ask him how he feels about things or not, maybe you could ask him if he'd like to hang out sometime -after- school doing something and see what he says. If he says yes, I'd chalk up another point to the liking you side.