All of my thoughts are consumed about what it would be like to have someone love me. How to get over this?

My dreams are filled with me meeting my future SO. I dream about the same man ALL of the time.

I only listen to love songs and imagine what it feels like to have those feelings.

I day dream different scenarios about my guy. Us meeting, living together, what problems we might have, our first kiss, our first dance, grocery shopping together.

When I see couples I get achy in my chest and just sad.

This is very unhealthy and Im trying to distract myself but in my free time my thoughts stray to love and the guy I dream about.


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  • There's a quote that says that your dreams will never become a reality if you do not first wake up and it's very true. Do you want to keep on hopelessly dreaming about these things or do you want them to become real? Well, if you want them to become real, stop thinking about them all the time and start doing. Be the best person you can be, put yourselves in situations where you can meet guys, be open and friendly with people etc etc.

  • Doesn't sound abnormal to me. I think the best way to avoid it is to either accept that it happens, using this dream-guy as a model to find in someone, or to try distracting yourself more if it really bothers you. You're not mental, you're longing for someone and that's normal. :P

  • Draw him on paper. What he looks like in as great a detail as you can. Then find him.


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