How come he stopped sending me snap chats?

there is this guy. we hung out but he screwed up. anywho, after the hang out, he still sends me snap chats on a daily basis, i opened all three but i didn't respond to them. i ignored them. he stopped sending me snaps. is it because i was ignoring them? why. he still looks at my snap chat stories.


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  • *He sends me snaps*
    *I ignore them*
    *He stops sending me snaps*
    "Hey, why did you stop?"

    Female logic 😂


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  • Well duh? What do you think? Why the hell should he continue to send you things if you don't even have the ability to acknowledge them.

    Sure, I can understand if you're not interested anymore and therefore ignoring them so he'll get the hint in which case you should be happy he's no longer sending them. But to ignore him and then seriously why he doesn't bother anymore? Now that's something..

  • How exactly did he screw up? He could be pissed at you for ignoring him.

    • we have known eachother only for a month and half. it was our second time hanging out. he asked to be official. he said i love you. and he makes a snap chat video of him saying this is my future wife and sends it to his friends. he just wanted sex. sending snap chats is not talking tho, so he never really reached out after the date. i didn't say i love you back and i didn't say yes to being official. he was horny because he asked me too soon and was tryna play me

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    • If he wasn't a fucboi, he could've been in a legitimate relationship with you
      What were you thinking?

    • yahh i was too hot for him anyways but i guess i like bad boys lol

  • You answered it. You ignored him x


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