Too shy to approach girls?

So I've noticed that dating apps don't work for average guys. Instead, I think it's better to just approach girls in real life. But I'm way too shy to talk to girls I like, besides, my face lights up like a fucking Christmas tree if I'm embarrassed.

What can I do to solve my problem?
What would you do?


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  • I feel you. I’m incredibly shy myself and blush all too easily when trying to talk to a guy I find attractive. Honestly, I find a guy that blushes and seems shy pretty sweet. It’s nice I know i can have the same effect on someone. Don’t worry too much about it. Just take a risk, approach a girl you think is cute, and go with it! If she’s worth it she will be flattered.


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  • Ease into it. Just talk with girls like they are friends. If needed, start talking as friends with older women, and slowly work down to young women, then it won't be such a shock to just start talking with younger women. But just be a friend, don't look for a girl friend, etc. Get used to that, and slowly work toward a girl friend. That may ease the anxiety enough to so you won't be lighted up like a Christmas tree.

    • And how would it work for a younger person trying this method?

    • @jamesiebuddy It's more difficult for a younger person. The main thing is to just be a friend. Don't even try to be anything else for a period of time. Just get comfortable. You might start by talking with girls who you aren't particularly attracted to, and just want as friends. Get used to talking with them. But don't stay there, slowly move to girls you are more attracted to, and work up toward girls who you are more attracted to. The main thing is to be friends first, that makes it easier, and go slow.

    • Great thanks

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  • I would consider myself an average guy. Online dating has been a lot better for me, yes I rarely get matches but sometime maybe once a month or two I can get lucky. Cold approaching a woman irl if you're not an 8/10+ is hard mode. You'll get rejected 99%o f the time

  • It is big problem


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