Is workplace romance dead?

I'm not a fan of workplace romance myself, but with people now getting accused of harassment simply for hitting on a co-worker that's not interested, is workplace romance officially dead? I'm not exaggerating this. There are news accounts of people being let go for making "unwanted advances". I don't see how it can be worth the career risk to try and flirt with your co-workers. With obvious Matt Lauer style duechebaggery aside, I don't see how a guy could successfully navigate this minefield even with respectable intentions.
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  • Maybe not dead but the commies hurt it pretty bad. They do this shit to pander to women , which of course means that they don't actually have women's interests at heart. No real thought went into this except "what do women want to hear to get them to cooperate with us?" Women , of course want men to interact with them in a romantic way, on the job or anywhere else and now this will happen less and less.

  • I don't care if you find someone to love through your job. People need to stay the fuck out of the sex lives of consenting adults.

  • Not dead just harder


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