Why are guys not staight forward?

well this guy grab my attention when he made a weird face without knowing me... i was intricate so i started looking at his action.. he would stare at me constantly... one day i decided to ask him what was his problem.. he said i dont know you! when did you notice me staring at you? i did not know what to say.. i was on the verge of leaving when he said... hmm i stare at you but not in a negative way.. so i started talking to him and told him that i want to be his friend... he chuckled... added him on facebook... he accepted the request and came to say hi but won't talk with me... he replied only twice.. soon i noticed he blocked me on messenger... i found that strange since he said he has no problem with me. i went through his fb... just to find that he is in a LDR.. all theses stories just find that he has a crush on me but is in a relationship... am i right? why are you guys like that? what can i tell him?
Why are guys not staight forward?
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