My Boyfriend ‘s Best friend likes me?

Ok so last night we were all drinking at the house we actually all live together. It is me my boyfriend and his friend that live together and we were drinking and I guess me and His friend were a little more drunk than him and his friend kind of just kept paying me more attention than anything he wouldn’t stop talking to me. But I guess my boyfriend was getting kind of mad and told me to come to bed but I was drunk and didn’t really want to just go to bed? Lol so I was trying to walk to the bedroom though and stumbled while his friend was behind me and helped me keep balance and my boyfriend was in front and his friend said “ I’m just trying to help you out , I like you.” ... like just straight up right in front of my boyfriend and he didn’t say anything and walked to the bedroom? Like I don’t get it did he mean it in a friendly way or something else? And why’ve wouldn’t my boyfriend say anything?


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  • He Might have said it in a friendly way
    2nd Maybe Your boyfriend might be Testing Your love and Loyalty towards him Through his Best friend
    3rd Do you Like his Best friend too?

    • he might have been doing that that... and no I mean his friend his attractive looking but I wouldn’t do that’s to my boyfriend

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    • When I’m not drunk he just keeps starring at me a lot but there is no triangle nothing cause I wouldn’t do that to my boyfriend lol I think I should talk to him about It before something happens

    • Well just Clear the Things For that Guy because if you delay he would set Hope's Higher which would end up being painful for him to dissolve

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  • Why are you asking us instead of them?

    • WHy would I ask that to make things more weird? No

    • You would ask to clear up the awkwardness and because they are the only ones who know the answers.

  • Dont think that meant anything. More along the lines of you are a good friend

  • Yes... he likes u... beautiful


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