Does anyone know why guys just miss calls?

My Boyfriend and I was broke up. We did return to each others about a week ago. He first called me to go and see him cause he was out of the town . And after that he always missed calls me ! I wonder why guys don't call !?

He missed calls a lots like 10 to 15 times per day! I once stop returning his missed calls. At the end of the day he just talked to me online ! I was hoping that he calls that night but he didn't :(

He text me but rarely. He text me when we planed to go on a date... He arrived to my place and want me to meet him. So he text me to tell me where exactly he's parking.

and he did once a sexy text message when we got back from a date.

whenever I'm with him I feel that he care about me and that he love me!

But I just wonder why he don't call and ask how I'm doing?

I once text him with sexy message he didn't replied ... he just missed called me ! I felt upset ... and the next day we was chatting and he talked to me about that message ... I think that he like it that I sent him this message ... but still wonder why?


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  • Hes doesn't want to talk to you or contact you he's ignoring you...hes busy or could be some other reason...


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  • What does "missed calls" mean? I don't get it. If you call and he doesn't answer, then perhaps he's busy. Or he could be screening your calls. I hope that answers your question.

    • When you called some one and he don't answer the phone ... you leave a missed call on his cell. But what I mean in missed calls is that when he calls I just hear the phone ringing once . and he hang up the phone ! he won't call to talk !! get it ?

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  • If he doesn't answer your call, why keep calling? Wait for him to get in touch with you. He has your number. You don't need to call him 10 to 15 times in a single day.

    • Noo he calls and hang the phone 10 to 15 times in a single day not me!

      and I wonder why he's doing that ? why he didn't call me to talk rather then doing just miss calls !

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    • But where back together a week ago!!

      but he just miss calls me no phone calls !

      just wondering why ? why he don't call me to talk from time to time?

      should I phone him ?

      And he's not harassing me :)

    • If you guys are together ask him.

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