What does it mean if a woman says to a guy "I don't want to hurt him"?

A woman said that she has been on three dates with a man and she gives the impression she is complaining about him. She says he texts her 50 times a day (I know this is a slight exaggeration, but it seemed he was still bombarding her), she also says " we have only been on 3 dates and he calls me 'babe', 'baby', and sends me heart emojis. She then says "I don't want to hurt him"


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  • She means she wants to end it, but thinks he won't take it well.

  • she is staying with him so his feelings won't get hurt

    • So she doesn't want to be with him but is forcing herself to because she doesn't want him to get hurt?

      She seemed to be finding reasons to rationalise reasons to be with him? She kept saying "age is just a number" But he is significantly younger than her - she's 37 and gave the impression he was in his early 20s

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