How to deal with a depressive girlfriend?

My girlfriend and I have been together for 2 years and we live together. Since October, I've noticed a change in her behavior. Not the type that would make me think that she is unfaithful no, but the fact that she is more and more depressive. She is like, NEVER happy, she never smiles, she takes all I say as a reproach, she gets mad for every little things, and moreover, she is not loving anymore (attentions, cuddles, words, sex, etc). I thought it was something brief, but it took too long to be normal. I think I've tried everything, first I tried to talk to her but she is a wall, only responding me that it's not serious. I tried taking her to her favorite restaurant to make her feel pretty and desired, making her the gift she always wanted, taking her in UK for a trip, I cook her the meals she likes (I'm the one who is in charge of the kitchen), everything. What do you think would work to make her smile again?


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  • Yeah, you're not alone on this.
    If there's honestly nothing you've done, it could just be she's going through something and you'll have to ride it out. But you may also want to rule out any medical reasons (could be hormonal).
    Now the time to find out how emotionally tolerant and strong you are, and how strong your relationship is.

    • I've tried many things like I said, and I still don't know what happens in her mind. I know that she is working a lot but it seems deeper than this. I love her as much as I can so I will wait and do whatever I can to make her feel happy but... Sometimes it's difficult to never have something back

    • Yes it is. Be strong and good luck.

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  • The world depresses bitches, what can I say?

  • Well... be close her


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  • The best thing you can do is stop trying and just be there. Remind her your there if she needs you and that she's not alone, don't push for the reasons as that will make her withdraw even more, encourage her to do the things she enjoys if she isn't doing them anymore. If she really is depressed, right now that's not your girlfriend (figuratively speaking) her thoughts aren't hers. Be patient and supportive, let her open up to you when she's ready. You don't need to be selfless or make a lot of effort just being around when she needs you should be fine. There isn't a avarage time frame for how long the down spell lasts, sometimes days sometimes months but as long as she feels safe it should help make it shorter.


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