Girls, if you make more money than your boyfriend and have a much higher paying job than him, would you still expect him to?

make the first move and pay for your first date?
  • Yes, he's still a man after all.
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  • No, I feel that is very rude and selfish of me to do.
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  • No, if I truly like a man, I won't be playing any BS mind games, be direct and make the first move on him.
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  • I'm a guy/results.
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  • Yeah. I'll expect him to offer paying because otherwise it'll be rude

    • Even if you're the one initiating the date and make more money than him?

    • I don't initiate dates. Admitting I like someone is my limit. But I think the guy should initiate the date

  • Yes, he's still a man after all.


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