Do you think this guy wants to date me eventually?

I matched with a guy on tinder almost two years ago. We really hit it off. We talked on tinder for about 4 or 5 months before exchanging snapchat/numbers. We never met in person as we were so busy with university but we planned to. He graduated from university, moved back home (two hours away from where I was living). He sent me a text saying “I really wish we met in person, as I really enjoy talking to you and you are really beautiful” from that day on we talked on and off for a good year. We started face timing and phoning each other. He helped me get through a really hard time just by supporting me. I do have feelings for him and he said he also has feelings for me. Unexpectedly his older sister happened to be in my study group for university and we became good friends. About 4 weeks after meeting his sister. He came to visit his sister and we ran into each other while at a hockey game. I was with my friends and he was with his sister so not the ideal first meeting but he did walk and talk with me for a while and we clearly both really like each other. We parted ways and I hugged his sister goodbye and then I went up to him and hugged him goodbye, he held me so tight, we hugged for so long. It was clear he didn’t want to let go when I pulled away. I wish we met before. because now he is traveling for 3 months straight. He told me the other day that he thinks we should stay friends for now, and if anything is going to work between us we have to live in the same city/town. I agreed. I don’t know if he was hinting to maybe start dating this summer, as he is moving back to where I live this summer. Ever since we met 4 days ago he has started a conversation every day. He liked a bunch of my Instagram pictures randomly yesterday. I’m scared we might fall apart from each other while he travels. We have been talking for pretty much two years, I just want to date him.. My friends thought he was so sweet. We would both be each other's first relationship. I'm 19, he is 20
Do you think this guy wants to date me eventually?
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