Dating a coworker and how to deal with it?

I got this coworker of mine that I've known as a friend for a while. I feel like we have developed a good chemistry with each other, so much so that I've been able to talk with her about my previous relationships with her and she has sort of done the same with me. We do work together and over the last couple months we have hung out outside work, just the two of us. Having talked to her about my previous relationships, I found out how mature she is, which is why I ask this. I know that there is the saying "don't **** where you eat", but having felt like we have some chemistry, I want to somehow ask her what her current situation is, and maybe casually ask her out on a date. With this, if it doesn't work out, I'm ok with being just friends with her too. Any advice from one that has dealt with this would be great help!


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  • Do NOT date/fuck your co-worker. Just trust me on this... I have fucked plenty of my co-workers. It's only gonna turn into drama in the long run.

  • Yep, bad idea to date a coworker. You are going to get yourself in a bunch of unnecessary drama.


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