Why can't things just be easy?

OK so we have been flirting and and texting a little bit for the past week. Whenever she saw me passing by, she would call out my name and come talk to me. Yesterday I texted her and was like, we should hang out when we get back to college and she said "yeah for sure." So then I say "OK cool. I'll call you tomorrow sometime when I get back." and she didn't reply.

So I got back today, went on facebook for like 2 seconds, and saw she was online so she must have been by her computer in her dorm (I'm assuming she always has her phone on her like every other girl) so I think awesome, she's not doing anything so I can ask if she wants to grab dinner or something. So I call and...she doesn't pick up =/

Should I just wait for her to call back? Or try again? Or text her? Or should I wait until I have class with her on Wednesday and talk to her then?


Yeah, I guess yall are right. I was just kinda freaking out because, in my past experiences, the girls who really liked me always replied to my texts and picked up if I called, but the ones who just like to play games would do stuff like this...


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  • Simple rule - if you call and she doesn't answer, leave a voicemail telling her "Hey it's _____, calling to see if you'd be interested in doing/going _________ around 7pm, it's pretty cool. Hit me up if you want to go and if not, I'll talk to you later."

    Simple easy voice mail. You need to have a reason for calling a girl so you can leave a voice mail like that on her phone. If you don't have a reason for calling, you'll just sound desperate. And if you don't leave a voice mail, she's going to think your call wasn't important and most likely won't call back.

    Now, should you call her again? No. Should you text her? No. Should you wait until class and talk to her? Yes. Even if it's next week, wait wait wait. She's probably busy and doesn't have time for you right now. Happens all the time. Get used to it, go hang out with some other girls.

    • Gahhhh you have no idea how close I was doing exactly what you said (voicemail).....but I freaking hung up. I hate myself sometimes...

      I have class with her on Monday so I guess I'll take your advice and wait until then. Should I mention her not returning my call (obviously joke about it, not act asshurt) or just pretend like it never happened? I feel like if I don't mention it, there will be like an awkward feeling. Or should I just stop thinking about it so much and wing it haha

    • Don't ever mention a girl not returning a text or a call. It's weak. Do you think James Bond would bring something up like that? Heck no. He'd shrug it off and call the next girl.

    • Btw when a girl starts to play games, don't play them back. Just ignore her.

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  • Its best not to rush these things...you should either just wait till Wednesday when you have class with her or just text her sometime tomorrow. She might have been studying or doing something else that made her incapable of answering her phone, it really shouldn't be a big deal. If you constantly call/text her after she doesn't respond she might get annoyed and think you're clingy or something, so just give it time!

  • How long ago was it that you actually called? But sometimes you can't think to much about it, because it might be that she is not by her phone, or she was busy.

  • Maybe she doesn't want to seem to keen, or she was busy, could be anything...