Reciprocation? Or does she like me?

Last week I told her how I felt about her. She wasn't sure how to feel/think but said she is open to getting to know one another/hang out.

Now she is initiating texts more, flirting more over text and giving me winkys (lots). For the past month it's just been friendly. I know she's still processing and doesn't like have an answer. But what's with the behavior change? Feels like mixed signals?


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  • Sounds to me like she likes you and she wants to flirt with you and have something with you... but she's also really scared. Are you guys friends? She might be scared of the friendship being ruined.. she is probably scared of getting hurt...

    • Yeah, we are friends. I'm also really close friends with her older sister and her husband. They are all on the same page with what is going on. Taking it slow. Just interesting that she appears to be expressing interest. But at the same time says she is uncertain? i dont understand it..

  • You are definitely sympathetic to her and she finds you attractive. She's probably just unsure if she really feels the same way you do

    • So why do you think she's becoming more open to me since I told her how I felt? Like you said she is uncertain, but if she is uncertain why is she giving me so many good signals? lol..

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    • Do you feel that is a beneficial place to be in? What do you mean she can handle it in a different way? How so?

    • She no longer has to worry about what happens if she encounters denial.

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