How to get Coworker? Shy?

There's a coworker at my work,

It's a large place, so I don't see her often and once in a blue moon we have a break at the same time..

She is Asiany, Her English isn't the best and she doesn't seem to go out much, but she is really cute, always smiling and giggling and is happy when I talk to her (Shy I guess)

And she has a very nice but 😍

I'm not sure how to advance things, or how to ask for her facebook, or something...

I really want to get to know her better and have a chance of having her but in my life.


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  • I think you've made some good first steps by trying to talk to her

    do you actually know if she's single? that be something I'd look into

    if you work together I don't see asking for a # or facebook as a big deal at this point


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