What do I actually do?

A guy I really liked started messaging me on Snapchat it sounded like he really liked me however he slept with someone I am really upset but still like him


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  • He's talking to multiple girls at the same time and throwing himself at the first girl who opens her legs, he's not worth your time.

    • Ok thanks

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    • I guess so but i still like him

    • Then chase him, its your decision. I'm just saying you deserve better than seconds or someone chases multiple girls.

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  • Did the conversation ever get flirty. Because If it didn't probably thought you weren't into him or he got to nervous to ask you out

  • Where you two a thing or you just wabt him waiting for you untill some future time that convenient for you

    • We were getting to know each other before we dated properly

  • What are your opinions?

    • I mean i like him but he really made me upset

    • Still you should layout the options you have. Get over it an move on, or get over it and win him over. Best of luck :)

    • k thanks

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