Is this a good text to send to her?

Is this a good text to send the girl I really like?

Backround Info : Im a HS senior. she's a sophmore. She used to really like me. I didn't then but now i do. Stil showed a lot of interest, so i told her my feelings and asked her out.

She said she loves me but the time isn't right. Im really cute and maybe we could do something in a few weeks.

Its heen two months since then, sp i think the time is right to ask her again. She sends mixed feelings sometimes, and im not sure how she feels. I feel like she still likes me but she's not sure how much or if she wants to date me.

This is what im going to send her :

Hey, (name)
I've been thinking
I never got to take you on that date :(

How does hanging out later this week sound? We could do dinner over the weekend or Ill take you to see that new Pitch Perfect movie after Christmas.

She mentioned wanting to see the new movie, so im hoping i get to take her to it.
I had a whole other thing written out about im sorry i didn't talk to you more last year when you liked me and I now how great you are and i need to know your feelings for me, but I didn't want to overwhelm her.

So how does the above text sound. Should i just go for it?
Is this a good text to send to her?
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