Kinda stood of up twice... What should I do next?

Been seeing a girl for a year now. We’re not official but having been “hooking up” ever since day one.

She’s a single mom, goes to school, and works (but has a flexible schedule). She’s never stood me up for the past 15 times we’ve gone on a date. She was always upfront about her availability and would either suggest an alternate date/time or hit me with the “I’ll let you know” line but would always follow through.

Two weeks she told me she needed a ride because “her car had broken down”. She wasn’t certain if she needed it though. I put off other things I was going to do just in case she needed that ride. She told me that she would call me to let me know. This time she never did and her social media later revealed a girl out partying it up instead of a girl in distress. She never let me know her status and because of it I waited around like a fool. She lacked common courtesy that night.

A week later I asked her out. She told that she would let me know because it was “finals week” at her school. I asked her if she was available on a wed/thurs. She did i fact have finals but only on Tuesday. She never got back to me like before and instead I feel like she left me hanging. Later on she posted pics of herself just hanging out at home doing much of nothing.

What’s going? This is unusal for her because she didn’t even let me know that she wasn’t available this time... What could it be? What can I do?


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  • Time to move on


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