If my ex misses me and contacts me, is he still not over me?

We were in a relationship four years ago. I was very pure and loving towards him. I even gave him a very expensive gift once. I was kind of an ideal girlfriend. But he married someone else and then disappeared. I tried to contact him through a mutual friend but he conveyed that he did not want to talk. However, few days back he contacted me. He said he was just missing me so wished to talk. And that I was very expressive in my love towards him and he would never find that kind of a love again from anybody. He was very satisfied with me. Does he regret losing me?


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  • Maybe he does. It's hard to read people that we don't know like that.

    • Because I never tried to ruin his marriage though I knew his wife's Facebook profile. I just simple let him go and had assured him that I wouldn't come in between. Maybe he likes me due to this. Usually people mess up and create problems for others if they get cheated.

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    • So now you feel happy because you forgave him? I don't understand. It sounds like you feel he was somehow a victim of the whole situation. I'm not saying you shouldn't forgive him, but I don't see how it makes it better.

    • I meant to say that it's good to forgive others before they even apologise. I am this kind of a person. I don't carry grudges in my heart. But I was very hurt by him. However he himself initiated to talk to me and said that he feels bad for causing me a hurt. I immediately forgave him. That's why I said maybe it was God's plan that he contacted me himself and I judging that he is apologetic, forgave him at once.

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  • He dumped you once and will do that again, so DON'T try any shit with him.
    He is married so yeah, stay the fuck away from him.


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