He catches feelings but dosnt want to be with me, why?

We have been friends for a year now and we just "hang out" all the time. He told one of our mutual friends that he is catching feelings but keeps me at arms length. Why would a guy do that?


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  • What do you want from him?

    • I really want to be with him and the fact he keeps me at arms length is really frustrating!

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    • Thank you for your advice! He actually reached out to organize a diner with some of our really close friends, hopefully things will go to the right direction!

    • Best of luck to you!

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  • Why don’t you ask him?

    • He says he is not ready. I was really confused. You have feelings for me but not ready? Is this a guy thing?

    • He’s lying. Move on and don’t waste your time. It’s you personally he isn’t ready for and never will be unless you just want to fuck

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  • Do you feel the same the same way? If you don't want to lose him as a friend I would leave it be

    • I do, I really like him and I want it to become a full blown relationship, but he says he is not ready. I was like what? But you have feelings for me?

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