Do dating apps work?

I have about 8 or 9 different dating apps on my phone and I have done for about 8 months. Yet, as a combined total on all apps I have about 3 matches even though I use all the apps frequently., Also all of these matches ignored me when I tried to strike up a conversation. Is it something about me or are the apps genuinely pointless?


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  • I've met and dated people from dating apps. One I was with for 6 years, three others I dated for about 6 months each. Several more I'm still friends with.

    Frankly I don't know how I'd meet people to date "out and about". Most of what I spend my time doing is working or personal projects at home, and I don't really have much opportunity to interact with new people in repeated, meaningful ways. At the office, most everyone is married and has kids already.

  • It omly works for girls. Guys don't stand a chance.

  • They are hit and miss. You have a better chance at finding love out and about.


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