Which girl would you date?

This is a serious problem that goes on with boys also im bored and i wanted to see what guys think
  • That fine girl who's not loyal but she's popular
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  • That girl whos not popular with a bad attitude but she's cute in her own way
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  • That girl who is pretty but she's big and she is nice
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  • The thick girl who bad and she might like girls
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  • Or the girl who is stupid and will do anything that breathes
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  • C sounds best, the rest are pretty much junk, not a lot to choose from here.

    • What about the thick girl

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    • Honestly i don't have the patience fo this conversation no more but i have a question if they don't like LGBT people how do you know they like regular people to cause you basically can't even kiss a girl until your married in that culture how you know they not gonna try to kill everyone? Also i still can't believe people chose trump over hilary like he literally hates mexico wanna bring back slavery and works with what country i don't remember but some people waiting on him to make a law for purge so they can kill him so... yeah

    • You're assuming I dislike LGBT people. I must point out that I am not the one telling them what they want to hear so that I can get them out on the streets rioting with a bunch of communists to tear down the country. People voted Trump because Hillary is a communist and a globalist. She would have had us end up like Sweden where they went from peace too RPG launchers on the streets.

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  • None of them


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