Where and how to meet singles locally?

This is something I've struggled with: I don't really know how to meet women like me, other than online. I don't like to drink, not big into clubs or bars. I work at a small office during the day, and when I get home I cook, work on projects, read books, and play with my dog. My dog is not a big fan of other dogs or long walks, and prefers to stay at home, so she's not much help. I'm a vegetarian and have tried attending several local vegetarian community meetups, but most of them seem to revolve around alcohol, everyone seems to know each other already, and have proven awkward, as I have nobody to introduce me. I have friends locally, but none of them are well-connected and seem to be in the same boat.

So I guess I'm asking other introverts mostly, how do you meet people locally?
Where and how to meet singles locally?
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