Dating in your 20s... how do I tell him how I feel?

We’re in college btw!
This guy and I have been working together for awhile and there’s lots of sexual tension but that’s been the extent of it.

We were out at a bar last weekend and almost kissed, then he mentioned teaching me how to play soccer (his favorite sport) and asked for my number. We texted for a bit after that but that’s it, and now I’m back home for the holidays.

We’re both shy, but I just can’t stop thinking about him. What can I say or do to take this to the next level? It’s literally driving me crazy.


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  • I generally just use my hands if I want to feel. But seriously it looks like both of you are too afraid to have fun. As soon as there was a bit of a mood it was killed. Just tell the guy that you like him its the 21st century and guys are pansies.

    • Do I wait to see him in person or shoot him a text? I just want to shoot my shot, ya feel

    • Yeah i get your point. If its too long before you see each other you can text him. Otherwise its better to do it in person.

  • Don't do anything suggestive as long as you aren't in person, because texts are very good at portraying things as something other than they were supposed to be.


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