How do I become confident in dating if I'm awkward around most girls and have never been in a relationship before?


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  • Just be yourself, everything will add up in the end


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  • Give it time. There isn't a magic recipe. Focus on starting to believe in yourself, know when you are panicking and don't get fear from it. Admit to yourself your fears and start facing them.

    The only way to become confident in anything is by trying. You will make mistakes. Everyone did and will do. Don't fear the fear of doing something new.
    Most importantly, be yourself and try to have fun. That is all about.

    • I don't really know how to face it because I fear that i'll be rejected again.

    • See? You fear the fear of being rejected. We've all been there, buddy. Keep your head up, invest in yourself. Make yourself feel good, and believe me, if you feel confident, you'll make progress.

    • Every time I think I have a chance, something happens to where I remain single.

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  • Spend more time making female friends. Become more conformable making eye contact with everyone you meet.

    • I have a few of them

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    • Start loving yourself a bit. It's not essential to talk to girls.

      Best of luck.

  • Drugs, alcohol or prostitution


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