How do you move on from someone you really like and forget about them completely?

I met him online a year and a half ago off tinder and he was a complete jerk, so then I stopped talking to him. A month later he messaged me to meet him and went I went he decided not to show up and he had a girlfriend at that time. Then another month later he started messaging me and it was all sexual again. In October 2016 I finally agreed to meet him and he was the nicest guy ever. We had amazing sex and he gave me lots of oral and just didn’t expect anything from me and he made me feel like a Queen in bed. Then he offered to pay for my taxi home and I left. He also asked me if we can Continue this to which I agreed. We never really met since then because I was either abroad or he was just playing games. A few months later he appeared out of nowhere and added me on FB and LinkedIN out of nowhere (I’ve never given him my surname) and I was shocked. He then continued playing games and I blocked him, 3 months I unblocked him and he messaged me instantly (again asking for sex). Then when I got a boyfriend, he got jealous and was encouraging me to cheat and saying my boyfriend is ugly. Then a week later he invited me to go party with him and when I went outside the club he behaved like a complete jerk and told me I wasn’t invited, so I left. Then later he apologised for his behaviour. I continued talking to him and he started calling me a slut and saying that he only added me on FB so he can show off how ugly I am to people. i sent him a lot of voice messages of how hurt I was and he only listened to them without replying. unfortunately my boyfriend found out about the messages and got mad at me, so he messaged him and asked him if we been messaging each other and he actually Stayed quiet and didn’t tell the truth to my boyfriend. I was really Surprised because I begged him to keep his mouth shut and he did. The problem is I like him so much because he’s everything I want in a man but I don’t think he feels the same for me
How do you move on from someone you really like and forget about them completely?
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