Girls, I love him, But I dislike his Brother, help?

I've been together with my partner for 8 years, but his brother still doesn't like me. My dilemma is my partner ( Alex) and i have just been approved for a mortgage after renting together for a couple of years. Which has sent his brother (Daniel) into a right foul mood.

Daniel is under the impression Alex move back home with him and their parents, The parents like me its just the older brother and the older brothers new girlfriend.

And normal it wouldn't bother me, but it upsets me, when we visit, daniel and his new girlfriend (Anna) take alex away but don't invite me along. And the snide comments of alex and i having nothing in common and Anna inviting her younger friends along to get to know Alex (something that had me crying all the way back home in tears with Alex)

And Alex says his not interested, and that its not acceptable for anna and daniel to behave that way but it still hurts, it hurts my feelings something terrible. And Alex says if were happy not to worry, but i just i don't want to be around Daniel and Anna, i just don't want to be around those types of people and be humiliated because i don't share every thing in common with Alex , and I'm not right according to them, and the silent back stabbing, while there nice to my face. I just i love Alex but i want to move us 1 million miles away from Daniel and Anna

any advice on silent character assassins.


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  • Be civil. Kill him with kindness, but stop trying to impress him. You’re not dating him and ultimately his opinion of you isn’t the most important thing.

  • You’re placing a lot of weight in these peoples opinion of you when it simply doesn’t matter. If your relationship is good and his parents welcome you then who cares what his brother thinks.
    Your partner could stand up for you a little more, why would he go to a group gathering you were excluded from? But is that worth rocking your relationship over?
    The brother doesn’t have to like you, but he can choose to be civil. If he can’t then be the bigger person and be kind anyway so he just looks like an idiot to people who do actually care for you

  • I'm in the same situation and all I can advise is you don't have to spend time with him. Just have him visit when you don't have to be around and listen to it. As you should trust your boyfriend. As for the setting up. You need to tell them it's not ok and your boyfriend should stick up there


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