Why am I being so weird twoards this guy?

We're not close, just happen to be in the same friends group. When I met him I thought nothing of him. He was just another friend. We never really talk, so when we talk it's just small talk. My veiw of him changed the night we all got drunk and he kissed me.
Now I don't know how to feel. Do I still see him as a friend? Do I like him? WTF
I told myself to not be weird about it. And boom! he's around and I'm super awkward. Avoiding eye contact, not talking to him, hiding from him, avoiding him. Like what is wrong with me? I can't possibly like him, I barely even know the guy.


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  • I'm not really sure but random kissing like that can definitely put anyone in a weird place. it's not your fault. honestly if you stop talking to the guy I would t blame you but I'm not sure what else to tell you. does he still try to make advances on you or what does he do?

    • He just talks to me a lot more now. He never used to initiate conversations with me. But now he does.

  • Because you overthought it to a point where you actually caught feeling after physical interaction.

    You now risk jeopardizing the friendship if you don't do something about this

  • You're just still trying to get over the fact that he kissed you the best way to deal with it is asking him to be honest and tell you what he things about you


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