I want my girlfriend to be more possessive?

So my girlfriend and I have been dating for a few months and at first everything has been great! We always had things to talk about, we flirted a lot, and it seemed like she wanted me. But lately things seem different. She doesn’t text me as much, often going hours without responding. When we talk on the phone when we can’t see each other, I’ll surprise call her and she just won’t seem excited. She always wants me to let her know by text ahead of time to make sure she’s free. I know it isn’t me personally because she does this stuff to everyone including friends. However, it makes me feel a bit like shit because I want her to be excited when I call or text. I want her to send lengthy txts saying she loves me. I want her to be not clingy, but just a bit more possessive. And I don’t know how to go about this situation. Talking with her helps... but I can’t change her lifestyle. It’s who she is. Ideas?


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  • How often do you two see each other in a week?

    • Max twice maybe 3 times on the odd occasion

    • I think 3x a week is not less. See it this way. If she works or is busy its hard to respond. Maybe she doesn't want to text back just a short answer. How would you feel if she would always respond with short answers but faster like "how are you? - good.". You will feel that she never wants to make conversation. Instead she may just responds if she has more time and have time for a conversation.
      And 3 times a week is not less. Use the other days to make something fun. Go oyut, play games or whatever. I guess she wants from time to time a night with just her girls too.

      I wouldn't try to change her. In the beginning everything is always more intense. You talk more, text a lot and so on. But with the time this will be less. Guess that is quite normal. Doesn't mean she likes you anymore. It is juts normal :-)

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